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Pyrrhos Gold Token (PGOLD)


We are the experts for digital gold on the blockchain

A digital token, backed by physical gold. Pyrrhos Gold Token (PGOLD) is a digital asset, a cryptocurrency. Each token is backed by physical gold, stored in secure vaults all over the world. If you own PGOLD, you own the underlying physical gold, held in custody by Pyrrhos Trust Company. You can exchange your tokens (PGold) for real physical gold and have it sent to you at any time.

Our Mission and goals

Our goal is to spread our token as far as possible and to establish the PGold token as an accepted gold alternative. The PGold Token is to be listed on many larger exchanges. We want to further spread cryptocurrency and increase acceptance by private individuals and companies. Cryptocurrencies are indispensable in an increasingly digital world. We want to simplify the transport of precious metals across borders. Our next goal is to penetrate further markets and offer the token exchange service through the European Union. The PGold Token is intended to be used by private investors and larger organizations as a store of value.

Earn Money and store wealth without any risk!

  • You will keep the Pyrrhos cryptocurrency tokens (PGold) securely in any ERC20 token-enabled wallet.
  • We also store the equivalent value of the tokens in physical gold in one of our highly secure safes.
  • These safes are located in safe places, so you can be sure that your tokens are always 100% secured and backed by physical gold.
  • You can sell the Pyrrhos tokens on many exchanges at the current gold price.
  • But always keep in mind that gold is a rare good and will increase in value over the time.
  • So the Pyrrhos Token (PGold) is more secure than Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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What distinguishes our token from other projects

  • We are the only cryptocurrency gold token that is really covered and deposited with physical gold!
  • There is no fixed amount of PGold token, as soon as we store new gold in our safes,
    the amount of token is offered for sale on the various exchanges.
  • PGold tokens are also burned should the amount of gold stored decrease.
  • This ensures that the token price always remains stable.
  • You have the possibility to exchange your token for real physical gold at any time.
  • Send us your PGold tokens via the token exchange form and we will send you the physical gold, worldwide.

No other coin or project offers this service!