Coin Information

Black Sun Token


BST Ethernet side chain settlement relay network We will promote the landing of ethereum DAPP as an important infrastructure & Global Shared order pool, covering exchange exchange, leverage, all kinds of defi business, and all kinds of data matching business.

Introducing BST Usercenter

First of we release our major update with usercenter design which is most important part of Token management. It allows to manage whole process of tokens.

  1. Safe & Secure Transactions

  2. Encrypted and Kept Private

  3. Multiple Payment Gateway

  4. Verification

    How it works

    1. Build blockchain algotrading models.

    2. Connect with others blockchain mod.

    3. Target your goal to reach out.

    4. Protect your Blockchain model.

    5. Make transection easy and less fee.

Name : Black Sun Token

Token Symbol: BST Name : Black Sun Token

Token Symbol : BST

Decimal : 8

Total Supply : 50 Millions

SmartContract :

Decimal: 8

Total Supply: 50 Million

SmartContract :