Coin Information

Decentralized Currency Assets (DCA)

What is Decentralize Currency Asset

$DCA started with a simple website, simple community and simple system of making both people and being active on social media like facebook, twitter and telegram.

Our community are focusing on ecosystem and a use case of $DCA token a good services to our members including advertisement from our merchants and other business partners.

We are on a step by step procedures, in the next period of growth and development of the community ecosystem then we brought up in an elegant and beautiful website.

We came from different parts of the world,different nationalities, different cultures and different story of life but we all have the same goals, we are independent investors, holders, traders and users who wants a good project and to gain profits in this cryptocurrency world.

$DCA is a community driven project, we are designed for long term and our programs are transparent to our holders and members, all plans will be done in time and we're patient...

$DCA serves as utility token for decentralized Eco$ystem,token creation service and bartering system.





Name: Decentralize Currency Assets
Token Symbol: DCA
Decimals: 18
Algorithm: ERC20 (Standard)
Mintable or reissuable: NO
Total Supply: 888,000,000


Circulating Supply: 70%
Admin Handling Entity: 12% (4 Yrs.Lock-In)
Support System: 15% (4 Yrs.Lock-In)
Marketing & Development: 3%



- E T H E R F L Y E R

- C A T E X . I O

- B U Z Z E X. I O

- T O K E N M O M

- F I D E X E X C H A N G E

Our Four(4) years plan Holding System

Discover our Long Term Program

For those interested in our 4 years plan you can search and discover these things.  

Note this program is made for our Holders and not to force them to join.

Our intention for this kind of program is for the members to benefit and to earn while holding $DCA tokens in four(4) years time contract.

Discover the beauty of Cryptocurrency, Earn while HOLDING $DCA... join our Eco$ystem!

> Look for admin @DaisukeH for more information and rewards.




Additional Information

Our Community Ecosystem at $DCA are designed to help those who may not have the time, skills or ability to take part in the crypto currency revolutions. We want to help you no matter if you are a beginner or experienced user, $DCA will elevate your crypto experience to it’s highest levels.

Founded in October 07-2018 and with over 1,600 token holders online & offline community members.

The main goal is to activate the community and Ecosystem created to communicate the products and services.

Our community is focusing in our marketplace/Ecosystem platform, token creation service and website advertisements. $DCA token can be used as payment in any of our products and services.

$DCA services also believes in protecting the environment and preserving it for future generations to come...