Coin Information

Armacoin (GZM)

Our Armacoin GZM coin is specially designed for advertising companies, as well as various media, as well as various greetings registered on the basis of blockchain. Each new message will not be overwritten by the previous one, but will be supplemented. These advertisers can be quite a lot and each of them will receive payment for their advertising message. The cost of this one message will be 1 GZM. In this coin added to the function set-messeng messendzh and the global variable that is permanently stored in the blockchain. The Set-message function adds a line to the Message function and for this, 1 GZM is removed from the account of the one who calls this function and transfers this 1 GZM to the advertiser's account. This coin is like a prototype of a Billboard, where the owners of this token, that is, advertisers for 1 GZM to place a message in the contract line. The advertiser can place this message on billboards in cities, on websites and all visitors will see what is specified in the global parameter of the message.

This coin was created on the ERC-20 contract. The total number of issued and coins for mining does not exceed 1 billion. The mining of this coin is also unique in that it allows you to generate GZM tokens with low power renewable energy. This leaves most of the green energy to feed into the network, while the miner takes advantage of the opportunity to acquire new tokens. We are also developing applications for this smart contract and will give the opportunity to mine these tokens using renewable energy sources, various gadgets with installed pedometers, electric vehicles, fitness bracelets and much more. Everything will be done for environmentally friendly and safe in nature mining, as well as the stimulation of a healthy lifestyle of our inhabitants of the planet. We will encourage everyone who cares about the purity and ecology of our planet.